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Pabitra Sir is very good in time calculation and will provide exact and pin pointed result about personal charts.

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With his exact calculation, you'll get a perfect match for you or your family member

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Maximize your 2017: know your future with Vedic astrology
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Renowned Astrologer

Wiith over a decade of experience, Pabitra Mohan Mohapatra is a renowned astrologer in almost all families in Odisha.

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Worked with many Channels

Pabitra Mohan Mohapatra have worked with multiple TV channels to get in touch with people to help them with their issues.

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Accurate Prediction

With his acurate prediction, he stands out of the croud from all the astrologers out there.

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Friendly Nature

Besides the work, his nature is the most attractive one which will definitely please everyone.

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Jyotirbid Mr. Pabitra Mohan Mohapatra is a famous astrologer, provides best services and acurate predictions. He has more than Twenty Years of experience in this field and have Thousands of satisfied customers. He has more than 10 years of experience in television forecasting in several channels like ETV News Odia, Tarang, Prarthana, OTV etc.

He has read more than thousands of horoscopes and many people got benefited from his exact predictions and suggestions. His specialties are in reading horoscopes, ceding remedial measures on various issues of life, like career, business, money, love, education, property, personal matters, transfer, enemy, marriage, partnership, life for making diversion.

With his vast comprehension and understandings of Vedic astrology, he has helped people from all walks of life. He has succored in mutable the life of every individual, who comes to him for solutions and to get rid of all sorts of problems from their life. And for his service towards people and making their lives better, he honored by several awards. He inherits spiritual power & knowledge of Astrology makes radical changes in Trier.

He has got expertise in accurate prediction based on Vedic Astrology. Analyze the birth chart with holistic view and ensures the predictions are precise and expressed in simple and easy acceptable language. He believes to Vedic Worshiping remedies in the solutions of any allying situations easily.

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Get authentic and accurate Astrology service for your issues...

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Subh Muhurat

Get the auspicious time to start an important work...

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Vastu Shastra

Effective way to make a radical change in your life...

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Match Making

Consult to get a better match and overcome all marriage related issues...

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Birth Time Rectification

Decode your life by using this service...

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Corporate Solutions

Get awesome solution for your job/ Job related issues...

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PM Astro Point is the official website of Jyotirbid Pabitra Mohan Mohapatra, a well known astrologer of every family in Odisha. He is availale 11am-5pm for consultation. You can contact for appointment on the phone numbers mentioned to book an appointment prior visit.